Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXXVII Get away from her!

    [[[Quinlan continues tearing through their things, and then finds the pearl. He rubs it on his tooth to see if itís real, then turns to Lilli. He has her pinned to the bed on her stomach. He tosses his hat away and leans toward her. Richard runs in and throws him off her.]]]

    RICHARD: Get away from her!

    [[[They exchange blows and Quinlan picks up his rifle. Lilli tackles him as he shoots. The shot grazes Richardís arm, and he screams loudly, grabbing the wound.]]]

    [[[On the beach, the sailors look up at the noise.]]]

    GIDDENS: Back at the house!

    CAPTAIN: Get the other rifle, quickly!

    GIDDENS: Gimme that rifle, quick!

    [[[All the sailors run towards the hut.]]]

    [[[Quinlan drops the gun to the bottom level of the house. He goes after it, but Richard tackles him away. Quinlan grabs a spear and thrusts it at Richard.]]]

    LILLI: No donít!

    [[[He throws the spear and misses. Richard picks up the rifle and holds it upside-down, jabbing it at Quinlan.]]]

    LILLI: Get him! Get him!

    [[[Quinlan grabs it from him.]]]

    LILLI: Look out! No!

    [[[She tosses a blanket on Quinlanís head before he can shoot.]]]

    LILLI: No!

    [[[Richard and Quinlan go through the wall. The sailors gather outside. Quinlan pins Richard to the porch, choking him with the gun.]]]

    LILLI: Richard! Help us!

    GIDDENS: Quinlan, youíre killing him!

    CAPTAIN: Alright Quinlan, thatís enough. You heard me, I said enough.

    [[[Giddens runs up to him and grabs his hair.]]]

    GIDDENS: Quinlan! Quinlan, get off him!

    QUINLAN: Keep out of this, Giddens, Iíll take his bloody head off!

    CAPTAIN: Put that down!

    [[[Quinlan stands and points the rifle at Giddens.]]]

    QUINLAN: Bugger off!

    GIDDENS: You heard the captain, drop that or youíll answer to mutiny!

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