Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXXV Where’s your lovely pearl?

    [[[She turns and runs through the jungle, covering her face. At the waterfall, she washers herself. The “toga” sits on a rock nearby. Quinlan watches her with interest.]]]

    [[[Out in the boat, Sylvia sits on the seat with a parasol up, while Richard looks out to sea.]]]

    SYLVIA: Here we are together. Out in the middle of a beautiful fish-pond, in plain view of everyone. So respectable. But look at this, kind sir. All we have to do is lower our heads. And we’re completely hidden from prying eyes.

    [[[She sits in the bottom of the boat and folds up her parasol. She holds a hand up to him and he takes it, stepping down.]]]

    SYLVIA: SO we can do whatever we want.

    [[[She lays down in the boat, and he joins her. She wraps an arm around him.]]]

    [[[Lilli finishes bathing and swims to the edge of the pond. Quinlan gets up and heads down to her. He carries his rifle. She covers herself with the toga when she sees him.]]]

    QUINLAN: Lovely you.

    LILLI: Get out of here!

    QUINLAN: (chuckling) Aw, c’mon, don’t be like that.

    LILLI: Richard!

    QUINLAN: (louder) RICHARD!!! He’ll never hear you. He’ll be out playing games with Miss Sylvia for hours.

    [[[She scampers off, whimpering Richard’s name. He catches her by the hair.]]]

    QUINLAN: Ah, but you’re missing something. Where’s your lovely pearl?

    LILLI: I don’t know what you mean!

    QUINLAN: The little white bead that you wear in your hair! Where is it?

    LILLI: It’s back at the house.

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