Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXX Morning in the hut

    [[[Morning in the hut. Lilli and Richard stand by the table as the captain sets garments down for them. Sylvia stands off to the side.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Boots, and a shirt, and uh, coat and trousers. Iíll let Sylvia explain the female garments. Well. . . Carry on.

    [[[Lilli goes around to her pile of clothes. Richard fiddles with his things.]]]

    LILLI: Buttons! I remember buttons on motherís dress!

    SYLVIA: Itís Irish lace. Richard, youíll have to turn your head. Iím going to show Lillian a foundation garment.

    [[[He takes his things and walks a few feet away.]]]

    SYLVIA: (quieter) Although I daresay there isnĎt much you havenít seen.

    [[[Richard begins to try and get dressed. Sylvia goes to Lilli and takes a girdle from the pile of clothes and hands it to her. Lilli places it against herself.]]]

    LILLI: Oh. Well what does it do?

    SYLVIA: It goes around the waist, like this. And then cinch the drawstrings. Donít look yet, Richard. Iím showing Lillian my secrets.

    [[[He peers around then and then goes back to his trousers. Sylvia picks up a box and opens it, showing it to Lilli.]]]

    SYLVIA: Look. This is filled with blush, and these are silver.

    [[[Lilli is fascinated and in awe as she touches these strange new objects.]]]

    LILLI: So smooth!

    [[[Sylvia takes out the top tray and sets it aside, then takes some things out from the bottom compartment.

    SYLVIA: Hairbrush and comb. Powder-puff.

    [[[She taps Lilliís nose with it. She jumps, startled, and grins.]]]

    SYLVIA: And rouge, and powder. Lavender water. Musgroveís perfume, and a hand-mirror. Youíre very pretty. Except for the hue of your skin, but we can fix that.

    LILLI: (concerned) Whatís wrong with my skin?

    SYLVIA: Well the sun has tainted it all brown. Weíll have to lighten it with lemon juice.

    LILLI: Why?

    SYLVIA: Well you donít want people in San Francisco to think youíre a field hand, do you?

    LILLI: Oh. No.

    [[[Sylvia sprays some perfume on Lilli, giggling. Lilli scrunches up of face when Sylvia turns. She sprays some on Richard, who has put his shirt on backwards and his jacket on crooked.]]]

    RICHARD: Ugh! Worse than fish fat!

    SYLVIA: (offended) Itís quite costly!

    RICHARD: Ugh.

    SYLVIA: Well, look at you. (amused) You do look handsome in your boulevard suit. (quietly) So handsome.

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