Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXIX No. We’re never bored!

    [[[Evening. Richard, Lilli, Sylvia, and the Captain sit at the table.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Mmm, you DO set an excellent table. My compliments to the chef. Look Sylvia, they’ve fashioned their own dinnerware. Cups, soupspoons. . . Ingenious.

    [[[Sylvia takes a sip of her soup and mm’s her appreciation. Lilli gets a bowl and spoon and ladles some soup for Quinlan.]]]

    RICHARD: Won’t Mr. Quinlan be joining us?

    CAPTAIN: Mr. Quinlan is a seafarer, and prefers to be by himself. It’s plain to see why you’ve been lost for so long. The charts don’t even show this island.

    SYLVIA: It’s a wonder we found you.

    [[[Lilli hands Quinlan his soup. He waggles his tongue at her suggestively. She doesn’t know what to make of it. so she turns and sits down at the table.]]]

    RICHARD: Heathens come to the north side of the island. At certain times. There’s a burial ground there.

    SYLVIA: This is ever so tasty. A great treat from the slop we have to eat on the ship. What is it?

    LILLI: Eel broth.

    SYLVIA: Eel?!

    [[[Quinlan chuckles. Lilli tries to fix her mistake.]]]

    LILLI: Well, only the broth is eel! The little white chunks, are sea-urchin.

    [[[Quinlan stares at her, and as she turns her head, the pearl glints in the light. He stares intently at it.]]]

    CAPTAIN: We appreciate your hospitality and hope that you’ll offer us the opportunity to repay you.

    RICHARD: You can. You can take us with you, back to civilization.

    SYLVIA: I should think! It must be awfully boring here.

    RICHARD: What is the meaning of boring?

    SYLVIA: Well, boring’s when. . . You have nothing whatever to do. So you’re bored, like you must be here.

    RICHARD: (pondering) No. (suggestive) We’re never bored!

    [[[He and Lilli grin at each other across the table.]]]

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