Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book THE GARDEN OF GOD

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXVIII The color! Its the same as the sky!

    RICHARD: How do you catch fish with that spear?

    QUINLAN: Its not a spear, mate.

    RICHARD: What is it?

    QUINLAN: Its a rifle. Blow a mans head right of his shoulders.

    [[[One of the native sailors helps the captains daughter, Sylvia, onto land. Shes beautiful, with brown hair and pale skin, well-done make-up, and a nice dress.]]]

    SYLVIA: Castaways! How exciting!

    CAPTAIN: They seem to be an odd mixture of knowledge and ignorance. Oh, and uh, their attire is a little bit- well its quite. . . sparse.

    SYLVIA: Oh!

    [[[They approach. Lilli a bit and stares at ribbons around Sylvias waist. She looks at them both curiously.]]]

    SYLVIA: Is anything wrong?

    LILLI: The color! Its the same as the sky!

    SYLVIA: Pure silk.

    [[[She takes two of the ribbons from the bundle around her waist and hands them to Richard and Lilli.]]]

    SYLVIA: With my compliments. And one for your brother.

    LILLI: Oh, hes not my brother. Hes my husband.

    SYLVIA: Your husband?!

    [[[Lilli and Richard are absorbed in the ribbons. Sylvia looks at her father, who raises his eyebrows skeptically.]]]

    [[[They all stand on the hilltop by Sarahs grave. Lilli holds flowers.]]]

    LILLI: Mother died six years ago.

    CAPTAIN: How do you follow the years?

    [[[As Richard speaks, Sylvia stares at him with a calculating smirk on her face.]]]

    RICHARD: She taught us. We count the moons, we know that twelve full moons are one year.

    LILLI: We have Christmas and Thanksgiving, and Easter, although were not exactly sure we celebrate them on the right days.

    [[[Quinlan stares at her, admiring her beauty, with a look just as plotting as Sylvias.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Its utterly amazing, the two of you all these years in this remote, God-forsaken place.

    LILLI: Not God-forsaken, Captain Hilliard. Not God-forsaken at all.

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