Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book THE GARDEN OF GOD

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XXVII Castaways! How exciting!

    They move down to a point behind some rocks on the beach and watch as the dinghy comes ashore. One man, Quinlan, carries a line up to secure the boat with. Four native sailors and another white man, Giddens, come ashore. Two of the native sailors lift the captain of the ship up, and deposit him on dry land. He is incredibly tall and carries a telescope of his own. Giddens and Quinlan, both average-looking sailors, each get a rifle from the boat. Only the woman stays in the boat. Richard and Lilli come out from behind the rocks. Lilli holds the telescope, and Richard holds up a spear, poised to through at the first sign of danger. The captain notices them and starts.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Keep them in your sights. They may not be civilized.

    RICHARD: Civilized. C-I-V-I-L-I-Z-I-D.

    LILLI: (whispering) Remember what mother said about a good, firm handshake.

    [[[Richard jams his spear in the ground and extends his hand for a shake.]]]

    RICHARD: My name is Richard. Weve been waiting for you for a long time.

    [[[The captain shakes his hand, and pulls it away, shaking the pain out of it. Richard apparently has a good grasp.]]]

    LILLI: Im Lilli, and Im ready for you to take us back to civilization.

    [[[She tries a curtsy, but is clumsy from lack of practice and from never wearing a skirt. The captain looks a bit confused, but shakes it off.]]]

    CAPTAIN: What? I am captain Jacob Hilliard, master of the Trade Wind, and we- Is this your land?

    RICHARD: Yes. My house is there.

    [[[He points down the beach.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Well, were in need of fresh water. Our casks are fouled. (slowly) Will you grant us permission to come ashore?

    RICHARD: (slowly) Yes. You are welcome here.

    CAPTAIN: If- If you dont mind covering yourself, Ill get my daughter.

    RICHARD: Does that binding around your neck choke you?

    [[[The captain feels his collar, and Lilli touches it, curious.]]]

    CAPTAIN: No, no, certainly not. Uh, well, uh yes, sometimes. (flustered) Id, uh, appreciate it if youd, uh-

    [[[He flaps his hands and walks away, frustrated. The sailors look at Richard and Lilli, grinning.]]]

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