Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER XIX He’s changed. I’ve changed. Everything’s so confusing.   

    [[[Lilli sits at her mother’s grave, spilling her heart and asking for advice.]]]

    LILLI: Mother. I don’t know what to do. He’s changed. I’ve changed. Everything’s so confusing.

    [[[She hears a noise and turns. Richard is leaning against a tree, contemptuous.]]]

    LILLI: I’m tired of you always snooping on me! Go ‘way!

    RICHARD: And I‘m sick of you always telling me to go away.

    [[[She stands up and goes over to him. He jumps up and leaves after she speaks again.]]]

    LILLI: Go ‘way Richard, I mean it!

    RICHARD: Fine, I’m going, and I‘m gonna go to where I’ve always wanted to go, to the north side of the island!

    LILLI: No you can‘t do that, you KNOW we’re in a full moon!

    RICHARD: I can do whatever I wanna do!

    LILLI: No you can‘t, it’s a rule!

    RICHARD: It’s not my rule, it was her rule! She wasn’t even my real mother anyway!

    LILLI: She loved you like she was your real mother!

    RICHARD: I don’t care! I’m sick of her rules, and I‘m sick of your rules. From now on I can do whatever I wanna do. I’m old enough, I can go wherever I wanna go, and come home when I want to.

    [[[He leaves. Lilli looks after him in shock.]]]

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