Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER VIII The winner is me! Where’s my prize?   

    [[[Lilli kneels, coloring Easter eggs with home-made paint. Richard walks up to her.]]]

    RICHARD: I’ve got an idea. Whoever finds the most eggs this year, wins a prize.

    LILLI: But what kind of a prize?

    RICHARD: Well if you win, I’ve gotta give you something, and if I win, you’ve gotta give me something.

    LILLI: It’s a WONDERFUL idea.

    [[[Richard and Lilli stand back-to-back on the beach, getting ready for the hunt.]]]

    RICHARD: I hid ten eggs somewhere between the beach and the berry patch.

    LILLI: I hid ten eggs between the rocks and the fern glade.

    RICHARD: Ready?

    LILLI: Ready!

    BOTH: Get set. . . Go!

    [[[Thy take off running in opposite directions. Both find eggs hidden in holes in the ground, in trees. Between rocks, in shells, and everywhere else. Lilli runs up to Richard, who sits on the beach counting his eggs. She jumps down to boast.]]]

    LILLI: I found nine! Beat that!

    [[[Richard has also found nine. He quickly grabs a small one and hides it in the sand.]]]

    RICHARD: I only found eight.

    LILLI: The winner is me! Where’s my prize?

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