Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER VI The clouds cover the sky as the sun sets   

    [[[Daytime. It is raining. They sit on the bed singing a folk song to pass the time. A branch breaks through the ceiling overhead.]]]

    SARAH: Oh! Lilli, Richard, go get some thatch!

    [[[She runs up to the roof, and they head out to the porch and grab several pieces of thatch for her. They head up to the roof and she starts repairing the damage.]]]

    SARAH: Get back inside.

    [[[They take shelter just inside the loft and watch her. It storms all over the island. In the evening, Richard and Lilli eat at the table, while Sarah lays in bed coughing. They kneel by their beds in the loft and say the Lord’s Prayer. Sarah is very, very ill. It still storms.]]]

    [[[During the day, Sarah still lays in bed talking to Richard and Lilli, who stand nearby.]]]

    SARAH: I can feel that the sickness has moved into my lungs now, and that means, I might not get well.

    RICHARD: What’s going to happen?

    SARAH: You may have to be here without me. If God wants, I’ll be with your father, and we’ll be like guardian angels watching over you.

    [[[They stand on the hill-top.]]]

    SARAH: This is my special place. It’s quiet here, and I can see the house.

    [[[They help her sit down on the ground.]]]

    SARAH: Hollow out this ground about so deep, and line it with thatch and moss. And fill it in, and smooth it over with earth. I’ll write out a prayer for you to say. We’ll carve a marker, and it will say, “Here lies Sarah Hargrave. Wife of William. Mother of Lillian.” And I know not your real mother, Richard, but I’d like to have it said, “Mother of Richard.”

    [[[She’s crying now. Richard carves the marker on a piece of wood, and Lillian weaves a wreath of flowers. They stand over her grave, and Richard reads the prayer. They’re both crying now.]]]

A couple of days later the Mother dies.

    RICHARD: I pray to the Lord to grant this last abiding wish. Lilli and Richard, love one another, and take care of one another, and keep up with our lessons, and be ready for the ship when it comes.

    [[[Lilli puts the wreath on the grave. The sun shines on one single spot on the ocean. They lay in bed, not sleeping. The clouds cover the sky as the sun sets.]]]

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