Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER V Will you just be quiet and let me think?   

    [[[Richard and Lilli swing on rope swings, laughing. They run down the beach and dive into the ocean for a swim. Richard catches a turtle and they play with it in the water.]]]

    [[[They take the boat out onto the reef to go fishing. Lilli ties it to a rock. They both try to spear a fish and miss, then Lilli manages to catch one. A shark swims close by. The boat comes loose and drifts away. The shark takes a fish Richard speared, and breaks the spear in half. Richard throws a couple of rocks after it.]]]

    LILLI: Thatís not gonna help!

    RICHARD: Look what you did to my spear! Go away! That was my fish! Go back out where you belong!

    [[[Lilli notices that the boat is gone, and she points after it.]]]

    LILLI: Richard, look! Now what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do now, Richard? What are we gonna do?

    RICHARD: Will you just be quiet and let me think?

    [[[The shark circles the reef they stand on.]]]

    [[[Later, Sarah stands on top of the island, trying to see them.]]]

    SARAH: Lilli?! Richard?!

    [[[It is almost dark now.]]]

    LILLI: Weíre out past sunset, motherís gonna be so angry. What are you doing?

    RICHARD: Iíve got an idea.

    [[[He takes the fish Lilli caught and uses a shell to cut it up a bit. Then he ties a rope to it and tosses it out away from them. The shark takes the bait.]]]

    RICHARD: Heís gone, címon.

    [[[They dive in and swim to the boat, making it just in time to avoid being caught by the shark. Sarah runs toward them as they come ashore. She helps Richard tie the boat up to a tree-stump.]]]

    SARAH: Whereíve you been? Do you realize how late it is?

    LILLI: Yes mother, but there was a shark, an old one, out in the channel. He took half of Richardís spear.

    SARAH: I have told you to stay away from sharks!

    RICHARD: The boat drifted loose.

    SARAH: What are the rules, Richard?

    RICHARD: Home by sunset always.

    SARAH: And?

    LILLI: Never to the north side of the island.

    SARAH: DO you see that? A full moon! We are going straight home and this is never happening again. Do you hear me?

    [[[She swats Richardís butt for emphasis, and they run home. There are drum-beats.]]]

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