Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER IV So thatís what you call mine.   

    [[[It is several years later now. Richard and Lilli, now eight years old, swim in a pool of water under a waterfall, heading towards the edge and climbing out. They are wearing loincloths. They slide down a waterfall.]]]

    [[[Richard and Lilli chase a baby pig through a field, laughing as the pig squeals. Richard tackles it and picks it up. Lilli notices the mother nearby and points.]]]

    LILLI: The mother!

    [[[The mother pig chases after them as they continue to run. They reach a mud pit and have to slow down.]]]

    LILLI: Put it down!

    [[[He does, and they both fall in the mud, laughing.]]]

    [[[Richard, Lilli, and Sarah are bathing in the pond, using a meager amount of soap very sparingly. Richard and Lilliís loincloths are on a log nearby, but Sarah wears all her underclothes.]]]

    LILLI: Mother, why do you wear your clothes when you bathe?

    SARAH: Because itís proper.

    LILLI: Why donít Richard and I wear clothes when we bathe?

    SARAH: Oh, I gave up on you two long ago. Iíd put your clothes on and youíd just take them off.

    LILLI: I wish I looked like Richard down there.

    SARAH: Why?

    LILLI: Because he can aim when he goes pss.

    RICHARD: I can hit a mango leaf dead-center.

    [[[Sarah laughs and shakes her head, as if what he says is silly.]]]

    LILLI: Why does he have one he can aim and we donít?

    SARAH: Well, God in his infinite wisdom decided. . . Well nature, gave us different parts. Well you see a female has a-

    RICHARD: A cowrie shell.

    SARAH: What?

    RICHARD: Lilli looks like a cowrie shell down there.

    LILLI: So thatís what you call mine. A cowrie shell. And we call Richardís a-

    SARAH: No-no-no-no-no-no! Um, never mind. I think this has gone a little far. I should have explained certain of lifeís facts to you years ago.

    LILLI: Explain certain of lifeís facts now.

    SARAH: No, I need to think about it first. Iíll explain it to you, after your spelling lesson tonight. Címon.

    LILLI: Tonight?

    SARAH: Letís rinse. Letís rinse off. Alright? Everybody.

    [[[It is raining. Inside the hut, they all sit on the bed, talking.]]]

    RICHARD: Why do people get married?

    SARAH: It was Godís commandment, that when a man and woman love each other, they take vows. Vows are like promises. They make promises to each other in the eyes of God, for the whole world to witness, and thatís called the marriage ceremony.

    [[[She reaches for a bible near the bed and opens it.]]]

    SARAH: And here, is the ceremony your father used to say when he performed marriages, at the mission.

    RICHARD: What about the life facts?

    [[[Sarah looks unsure. She picks up a basket of fruit and goes to the table. After a moment, Richard and Lilli follow her.]]]

    SARAH: When a girl becomes a woman, and a boy becomes a man,

    LILLI: Whenís that?

    SARAH: Well itís different for everyone, but, youíll know when it happens to you.

    LILLI: How?

    SARAH: Well Lilli, your body will become rounder, youíll grow breasts like mine, and every month youíll bleed a bit from the opening between your legs.

    LILLI: (worried) I donít wanna bleed.

    [[[Sarah kneels to talk to her.]]]

    SARAH: It only lasts a few days, and itís a great blessing because it means you can have a baby.

    RICHARD: Do I have to bleed?

    SARAH: No, but your body will change too. Your voice will grow deeper, and youíll grow hair on your face. And I think youíd look very handsome with a beard. Unless of course you want to scrape it off.

    LILLI: I want the baby now.

    SARAH: You canít, your not ready yet. And even when you are you need the man to make the baby that will grow inside you.

    LILLI: Inside me?

    SARAH: Yes. Thereís a special place inside a woman where the baby stays nice and warm and safe, until itís ready to be born into the world.

    RICHARD: How does the baby get in there?

    SARAH: Well, after theyíre married, the man and woman lie very. . . Very close together, and-

    RICHARD: I know. Itís like the iguanas, Lilli. You know when they get so close you canít tell where one begins and the other ends?

    LILLI: Uh huh.

    RICHARD: Thatís it.

    LILLI: Thatís it?

    RICHARD: Yes, because the iguanas always have their babies soon after.

    LILLI: Thatís it, mother?

    SARAH: Well thatís. . . Most of it.

    LILLI: Thatís what Iíve been waiting to hear all day?

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