Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER III Richard! Donít do that!   

    [[[She picks up the kettle and takes Richardís hand, leading him through the forest and to the other side of the island. They look around. It is gorgeous, and looks much friendlier than the other side.]]]

    SARAH: Look! How beautiful.

    RICHARD: House!

    [[[She turns to see him walking towards a house on a beach.]]]

    SARAH: Good heavens! Richard.

    [[[She follows him.]]]

    RICHARD: Mama!

    [[[He uses a specially-made lower handrail to walk up a ramp and inside. He goes over and peers into a giant turtle shell hung from the ceiling: his bed. The house is empty.]]]

    RICHARD: Mama, mama!

    [[[He climbs up a ladder to a loft with practiced ease, and peers around, upset.]]]

    RICHARD: Oh, sheís gone!

    SARAH: I know sheís gone. Youíre mamaís gone.

    [[[He climbs partway down and jumps into her waiting arms, crying.]]]

    SARAH: Itís alright. Itís alright, come here. Iíve got you.

    RICHARD: Mommyís gone!

    SARAH: I know. Itís alright. Sh. Your mamaís not here but I am. Iíll be your mama from now on.

    [[[She rocks him back and forth, comforting him. Later, she builds a signal fire on some rocks, as Lilli hands her pieces of wood to help.]]]

    SARAH: Any passing ship will be able to see this when itís ablaze. It wonít be long before one finds us.

    [[[She tries to spear fish on the reef unsuccessfully, and ends up falling in the shallow waters, splashing about with frustration. In the evening, thereís a small cooking fire on a rock in the house, and a bowl holds some flowers, and the remains of a fish with a fork in them. Richard and Lilli are in bed, and she leans over and kisses them goodnight. Lilli plays with her necklace.]]]

    SARAH: Now close your eyes.

    [[[She hears a drumbeat, and takes off her necklace, handing it to Lilli.]]]

    SARAH: Iíll be right back.

    [[[She goes out to see whoís there. Several canoes are crossing the waters in front of the hut, passing them by.]]]

    [[[Daytime. Musical montage of sorts. Richard runs across the beach wearing shorts. Lilli plays with some sand. A wave washes away her creation. Sarah smiles. Richard and Lilli play with a baby turtle, poking him a bit with sticks. Richard picks up a baby starfish from a tide pool. He pokes a large crab with a stick. Lilli watches her mom from behind a tree. Sarah listens to the ocean in a shell, then turns to Lilli, smiling. Richard mimics Sarahís actions with his own shell.]]]

    [[[Night-time. Supper is over and now itís dessert time. They all sit at the table.]]]

    SARAH: I know this is your favorite dessert, Richard, but try to eat more slowly and hold the spoon THIS way, as Iíve showed you.

    [[[She maneuvers the spoon the right way.]]]

    SARAH: Someday soon after the ship comes, youíll find yourself seated at a well-appointed table in San Francisco, and will be expected to show proper table manners.

    [[[Richard picks up some of his food and throws it at Lilliís face. Sarah slaps his wrist.]]]

    SARAH: Richard! Donít do that!

    [[[She cleans off Lilliís face. He throws more food at her.]]]

    SARAH: Richard! Just because we are away from civilization does NOT mean we will behave uncivilized!

    [[[Richard bangs his spoon on the table rhythmically. The drumbeats are back. She gets up, goes out, and checks the sky.]]]

    SARAH: Full moon.

    [[[She goes back in and over to a table, and takes out a slip of paper, checking it.]]]

    SARAH: They come every three months when the moon is full.

    [[[She picks up Lilli and takes her over towards a crib sheís made. Lilli begins to cry.]]]

    SARAH: Off to bed, children. Quickly. Richard, come. Itíll be alright. Tonight you will get your lullaby in the dark.

    [[[She sings them a hymn for a lullaby. The clouds cover the moon outside.]]]

    [[[Daybreak. Sunrise glows over the waters and on the beach, reflecting off of the seaweed.]]]

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