Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER II Now close your eyes   

    [[[A few more days pass. The babies are silent, having been fed and watered. Then the roar of surf rises Sarah from her slumber. The day is dry, stormy, and dark, and an island is in front of them. The waves take them in, splashing into the boat in the process. They scrape over the reef and run aground. Sarah helps them ashore as they cry.]]]

    SARAH: Jump up, Richard. Here we go.

    [[[She sets them safely on shore and begins to cry with relief. Later, she uses the boat’s sail and rope to rig a shelter on an old tree stump. Then she pulls her sea-chest towards it, with Lilli following and trying to help.]]]

    SARAH: You can help mama. That’s my girl! Yes, c’mon. Come on, Lilli.

    [[[She husks a coconut on a stick, then uses a chisel to open the eye. She shares it with Richard, then takes a quilt out of her sea-chest and sets it on the tree stump.]]]

    [[[She carries Lilli and leads Richard across the beach. In the forest, she carries both of them, and a kettle. She sees a stream and sets Richard down near it.]]]

    SARAH: Richard, you stay here.

    [[[She scoops some of the water into her mouth.]]]

    SARAH: It’s fresh.

    [[[She fills the kettle, then looks around. There are bananas and other fruit all around.]]]

    SARAH: Look, bananas! Oh, and paw-paws! And roots! Roots are good eating.

    [[[Richard wanders into the stream and picks up a toy boat made from a leaf and a coconut husk. It is crude, but not accidental. He plays with it, letting it float away.]]]

    SARAH: Ooh, this is Taro root. We ate it at the mission. And bananas. C’mon Richard, here’s some bananas. Yes! Lots of bananas!

    Richard: Boat!

    SARAH: Here, do you want some?

    [[[She hands Lilli a banana. Richard’s boat floats down the stream and away.]]]

    RICHARD: Boat coming. . . Boat!

    [[[She sees a nest in a tree and takes an egg out of it, handing it to Lilli.]]]

    SARAH: Look. How pretty. Oh.

    [[[Lilli drops it, and it breaks on a rock.]]]

    SARAH: Oh, Lilli.

    [[[The sky is stormy. It begins to rain heavily. Sarah runs them back to the campsite. They’re all soaking wet, and the shelter she made from the sail is ineffective. She covers them with her quilt and they wait it out.]]]

    [[[The sun lightens the leaves and the island begins to dry. Sarah has hung all her outer garments on a line. She’s holding Lilli, who cries.]]]

    SARAH: We can’t stay here. Hmm? We’re to exposed, on this side. We’ve got to find a safe haven out of the weather. C’mon. Come, Richard. We’ll just go for a little walk. Here we go.

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