Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Based on the book “THE GARDEN OF GOD”

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

CHAPTER I Sailing on the open sea   

    [[[In the evening, the captain and the 1st mate are in their quarters, talking. The captain looks at sea charts.]]]

    1st MATE: Can we turn back, captain?

    CAPTAIN: There’s no port for a plague ship.

    1st MATE: Put up anchor at the first island.

    CAPTAIN: This is all open sea.

    1st MATE: With due respect, captain, that small boat put out from somewheres.

    CAPTAIN: THIS is a French naval chart, and there’s nothing but warnings. There’s reefs, atolls. ‘Tis a cruel turn for Mrs. Hargrave. First widowed, with an infant.

    1st MATE: Cast them adrift.

    CAPATAIN: A woman, alone, with two children?

    1st MATE: Put a man with them. Kearny’s strong and he’s still able. At least it’ll give them a chance. That‘s more than I can say for the rest of us.

    CAPTAIN: Kearny. . . Bless the poor lot. Keep it from the rest of the crew. Wait ‘til mid-watch.

    1st MATE: Aye, sir.

    [[[It is later. The captain has told Sarah, and she packs her things into her sea-chest, frustrated.]]]

    SARAH: Putting us off into the peril of an open sea because some of the crew are ill? THIS is madness!

    CAPTAIN: I’m thinking of your own good, ma’am.

    SARAH: I may be young, captain, but I have spent the last three years in a climate of fearsome heat, with insects as big as rats and rats as big as cats. I can certainly deal with some deck-hands down with fever!

    CAPTAIN: (gently) We’re carrying Cholera. If you stay aboard you’ll die.

    [[[She pauses, frightened. The 1st mate comes in.]]]

    1st MATE: You can’t take your sea-chest, missus. Only things you really need.

    SARAH: But everything we have in the world, will be in this chest.

    CAPTAIN: Mrs. Hargrave will be taking her belongings.

    1st MATE: Aye, sir.

    [[[He nods and leaves. The captain turns back toward Sarah.]]]

    SARAH: Cholera?

    [[[She walks out in deck with Lilli in her arms. The cap hands the young boy to the 1st mate, who also helps carry the chest out to the ship’s small boat. The captain watches them go sadly. The boat is launched under the cover of night. The next day they are sailing on the open sea. The babies are cuddled to Sarah. Kearny has a shirt tied around his head to protect from the sun. He looks at them all levelly.]]]

    SARAH: Mr. Kearny. Mr. Kearny, a cup of water, please.

    KEARNY: There’s only so much, Mrs.

    SARAH: They’re in sore need, Mr. Kearny.

    KEARNY: Well, the boy aint yours, so he don’t matter too much. Your infant knows what to do. I’d say you’re finished. Let her suckle.

    [[[They‘re all exhausted. The next day, Kearny reels in a fish. The babies cry from hunger and thirst.]]]

    KEARNY: I tell ya right now! I’m sick and tired of them two squallin’.

    SARAH: Then for the love of god, give them water!

    KEARNY: I’m a practical man, Mrs. If I was alone, by myself, this could last quite awhile.

    [[[He taps the cask of water for emphasis.]]]

    KEARNY: Sharin’ four ways makes no sense. Best thing for all of us is to put ‘em out of their misery.

    SARAH: You won’t touch them!

    KEARNY: I’ll do what has to be done. You either shut ‘em up, or they‘re both goin’ overboard.

    [[[He scales the fish. Sarah’s eyes are wild. She looks around for something to defend them with, and finds a long pole with a metal hook at the end. The babies are still crying, with no end in sight to their suffering. Kearny spits overboard, spitefully.]]]

    KEARNY: That’s it! Look the other way if you don’t wanna see.

    [[[He reaches for the boy first. Sarah stands, grabs the pole, and stabs him three times in the back with it. He slumps over, dead. She flips him over, removes his belt, and rolls him overboard. He floats away. Sarah looks scared now.]]]

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