Return To The Blue Lagoon  1991

Screenplay by Leslie Stevens

Starring Milla Jovovich, Brian Krause & Lisa Pelikan

Based on the book ďTHE GARDEN OF GODĒ

Transcribed by Kendra Steiner

The BEGINNING: Sarah, her child, an infant named Lilli, and a boy   

    [[[Everything other than spoken words will be enclosed in sets of three brackets, like this. There are a couple of musical montages in the movie, which are labeled as such. I hope this transcript isnít too hart to understand. I wanted it to be simple but effective.]]]

    [[[The opening credits run over a shot of a ship sailing the ocean at sunset. Then, over a shot of a small boat at twilight, the background of the story.]]]

    The South Pacific Ocean


    Fifteen years before our story begins, two children were shipwrecked on an uncharted island. The little boy and girl grew up alone in this lost paradise. As man and woman, they discovered a pure and natural love. In time, a child was born. But in a tragic accident, they were driven out to sea away from their island. Drifting for days, they believed that their lives and the life of their child were at an end.

    Then a passing vessel drew near. . .

    [[[The ship is sailing fast at sea during the day.]]]

    LOOKOUT: Ho! Man adrift, starboard bow! Boat to starboard!

    [[[Sarah Hargrave stands up to see. She is slim, with red hair, and beautiful. She wears black in mourning, and holds her child, an infant named Lilli. The captain and the 1st mate come up from below deck.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Up into the wind! Get out the small-boat!

    SAILOR: Lower away!

    1st MATE: Easy. Get that davit.

    [[[The small boat is lowered with two sailors in it, one of whom is named Kearny. They row over to the boat and grab it.]]]

    SAILOR: Anyone aboard?

    KEARNY: Canít tell.

    1st MATE: Get that painter. Throw that line, Kearny! Címon, get that boat in!

    [[[Kearny throws a line from the little boat to the ship and they reel the boat in. Kearny climbs on to see if anyoneís aboard.]]]

    KEARNY: Thereís two of them, sir, a man and a woman.

    1st MATE: Dead or alive?

    KEARNY: Dead, sir. . . A child, sir!

    1st MATE: A what?

    KEARNY: Alive!

    [[[Kearny hands the boy, who is no more than 1 ? years old, up to the 1st mate. There is a cloth wrapped around the boyís waist, and he is crying. Sarah approaches.]]]

    SARAH: Iíll take him.

    [[[She takes him and sits him on her lap, and wipes his face with a clean cloth.]]]

    SARAH: There. There, now.

    [[[The ship sails on. The crew are now standing somberly for the burial-at-sea of the man and woman.]]]

    CAPTAIN: We therefore commit their bodies to the bosom of the waters to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body when the sea shall give up her dead, and the light of the world will come, through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    [[[He nods and their bodies, wrapped in canvas, are slid into the sea. The ship sails on. The 1st mate and the shipís surgeon approach the captain. Lestrange sleeps in a deck-chair nearby.]]]

    1st MATE: The surgeon would like to have a word with you, sir.

    SURGEON: The sickness in the crew, sir. Youíve got five more taken down since mid-watch. Fever, canker sores. . .

    CAPTAIN: Your cabinet is full of Bromine. Leech it out.

    SURGEON: Itís beyond bleeding, sir.

    CAPTAIN: Mr. Penfield, I looked to your medical knowledge. Three days after we left Moorea, you thought it was Scurvy. Then half the crew turned sick, you told me it was break-bone fever.

    SURGEON: The symptoms werenít for certain. Now I know. Fever. . . Withered skin. . . Black bile.

    [[[The captain looks at him, containing his fears.]]]

    CAPTAIN: Cholera.